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Employee of the Month - Leticia

EOTM Leticia

Congratulations to Leticia, our OCPL Employee of the Month!

Letty has consistently impressed coworkers and staff with her positivity, vibrant energy, and genuine enthusiasm for our programs and patrons. Kids continually look forward to her Family Storytimes on the weekends because she is always adding something extra, such as infusing dance parties and outdoor play with bubbles and chalk, which keeps them coming back!  Letty's eagerness to take the lead in volunteering for outreach initiatives and donning thematic costumes for events, including her notable appearance as one half of the dynamic Piggie and Elephant duo during the Chapman's Lunch at the Library event, truly exemplify her dedication to our communities.  Beyond her contributions as an invaluable team member at our branch, Letty is an integral member of the Senior Services Committee. She actively participates in committee meetings and was a leader on the craft subcommittee that planned the activities at the Senior Get Together programs. Letty also regularly volunteers for outreach and has participated in several tabling events at locations all over Orange County. The past two years the Senior Services Committee has planned Senior Get Together events, of which three are held; one in the South, North, and Central regions. Both years Letty has volunteered to attend each of these Get Togethers and helped to set-up, operate and tear-down. She is an enthusiastic member of the committee, who is always contributing great ideas and working hard to improve our outreach and programs. Letty's wholehearted commitment shines through as she consistently volunteers to be part of each of these events, assuming responsibilities ranging from setting up, to operating and finally, teardown. Her contributions reflect an inspiring level of enthusiasm and drive. 

Congratulations Letty!