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Little Saigon Stories

In the 1970s and 1980s, Westminster became home to a large number of Vietnamese refugees who revitalized the area by establishing new businesses and services, creating the Little Saigon neighborhood. Little Saigon continues to thrive as a place to live and work, and as a cultural focal point and symbol of community. Little Saigon Stories seeks to preserve the experiences of Orange County’s Vietnamese American community.


How We Got Here

Hugh Nguyen discusses Little Saigon as a cultural center and stresses the importance of remembering the struggles faced by members of the Vietnamese American community in coming to America.

We Wanted Freedom

Hugh Nguyen remembers coming to America as a child and reflects on his love of visiting the local Vietnamese American community and the sense of honor he feels to serve as a public servant.

A Second Home

Dr. Thanh Cung recalls his first visit to Westminster and discusses why Little Saigon is a “second home” away from Vietnam.

Treasure This Community

Dr. Thanh Cung on the growth of Little Saigon since the 1970s and its importance to the Vietnamese-American community.

Just One Good School

Son Nguyen recalls growing up in Westminster and shares his wish for better educational opportunities in the Little Saigon area.

Still A Lot of Tensions

 Uyen Hoang remembers family gatherings at garage parties and discusses the Vietnamese-American community’s resilience in the face of challenges. Recorded Jun. 8, 2022; Fountain Valley Library, Fountain Valley, CA.

Those Little Immigrants

Thien Nguyen recalls his early impressions of the United States as a recent immigrant and expresses his gratitude for opportunities that have allowed Vietnamese immigrants to become successful in America. Recorded Mar. 2, 2022; Westminster Library, Westminster, CA.

California Is the Place to Be

Vincent Tran discusses the development of Little Saigon and the importance of the “Vietnamese Daily News” in the establishment of the community. Recorded Jun. 15, 2022; Fountain Valley Library, Fountain Valley, CA.

A Place That Carries An Identity

Supervisor Andrew Do discusses the early development of Little Saigon and Orange County. And reflects on the growth of the community and local business.

Look At History

Dr. Chau Ton That discusses his early years arriving in Orange County. And reflects on Vietnamese cuisine, language, and cultural history.

Open Their Doors and Welcome Us

Paul Hoang discusses mental health services and their utilization among Vietnamese Americans. He also reflects on the impact of community and how we all find ways to connect.

Sense of Community

Paul Hoang discusses the importance of Little Saigon and its ability to bring people from all walks of life together.

Generational Changes

Tam Nguyen discusses evolution of Little Saigon throughout the years and how each new generation has contributed to its growth.


Differences Become Things of Strength

Tam Nguyen reflects on the history of the region and challenges Vietnamese Americans face in todays society.   

We Have A Landmark

Dr. Charles Nguyen discusses his family background and their journey from Vietnam to the United States. He also reflects on the impact of Vietnamese cuisine and its popularity in mainstream society.

Something Magical

Kathy Buchoz is the former mayor of Westminster and discusses the history of the Asian Garden Mall in Little Saigon.  She reflects on the development of the shopping center and its importance to the Vietnamese American community.

Be Yourself

Viet Pham is the owner of the Recess Room in Fountain Valley.  He reflects on the growth of Little Saigon and the role of entrepreneurs in the Vietnamese American community.

New Life With A New Generation

Sophak Ok is a marketing consultant and frequently takes his family to the Asian Garden Mall during his spare time.  He discusses his experience living in Little Saigon since the late nineties and the continuing development of the region. 

Exercise Your Civic Duty

Van Tran serves as the chief of staff for Supervisor Andrew Do.  He discusses his journey from Vietnam to the United States and highlights the importance of being civic-minded for the good of the community at large.

I Think Of Family

Thanh Huynh has been a lifelong resident of Little Saigon.  He discusses the significance of Vietnamese cuisine and the strong ties to family. 

Build Up Relationships

Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen is the former mayor pro tem for the city of Westminster.  She reflects on the experience of the second wave of Vietnamese immigrants to Little Saigon and discusses the evolution of the region throughout the past several decades. 

Overcoming Barriers

Thien Doan is a graduate of UCI and owns a company that creates the infrastructure for e-sports competitions at various school districts.  He discusses his time growing up in Little Saigon and the impact it had on his future.  

Where We Come From

Quyen Le works for the Project Vietnam Foundation which focuses on providing clinical care to the Little Saigon Community. She discusses her childhood and strong relationship to Little Saigon.   



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