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Little Saigon Stories

In the 1970s and 1980s, Westminster became home to a large number of Vietnamese refugees who revitalized the area by establishing new businesses and services, creating the Little Saigon neighborhood. Little Saigon continues to thrive as a place to live and work, and as a cultural focal point and symbol of community. Little Saigon Stories seeks to preserve the experiences of Orange County’s Vietnamese-American community.

How We Got Here

Hugh Nguyen discusses Little Saigon as a cultural center and stresses the importance of remembering the struggles faced by members of the Vietnamese-American community in coming to America.

We Wanted Freedom

Hugh Nguyen remembers coming to America as a child and reflects on his love of visiting the local Vietnamese-American community and the sense of honor he feels to serve as a public servant.

A Second Home

Dr. Thanh Cung recalls his first visit to Westminster and discusses why Little Saigon is a “second home” away from Vietnam.

Treasure This Community

Dr. Thanh Cung on the growth of Little Saigon since the 1970s and its importance to the Vietnamese-American community.

Just One Good School

Son Nguyen recalls growing up in Westminster and shares his wish for better educational opportunities in the Little Saigon area.

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