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Digital Resources: Online Learning

Online Learning


ArtistWorks provides world-class instruction for the most popular string and band instruments through self-paced video lessons from professional musicians.


BrainHQ offers more than two dozen scientifically proven exercises to help you think faster, focus better, remember more and enjoy life! Use on your computer or mobile device.

Access ending on 02/27/2024

CA DMV Tests

Practice tests and CA Driver’s Handbook from the DMV.


World-class, transformative online learning with over 5,000 courses taught by 200 Industry and University Partners including Duke University, UC Irvine, Google, and Salesforce. Provided by the California State Library.


Over 500 live classes taught by peers who are experts in their field covering physical health, mental health, and more in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin.  This resource is supported in whole or in part by the California State Library, administered by the  California State Library.

LinkedIn Learning

Over 17,000 videos in Business, Technology, and Creative Arts in 7 languages for your computer or mobile device or App. Use “ocpublic” for LibraryID. This resource is supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the  California State Library.


An interactive Language Learning resource for use on a computer or mobile device.  Includes over 70 languages, including ESL instruction.  Download to your computer or mobile device.

Northstar Digital Literacy

Online, self-guided modules to assess & assist with basic tasks on computers & online including Essential Computer & Software Skills, &Technology use. This resource is supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the  California State Library.

Universal Class

Over 500 online continuing education courses on a variety of subjects including business skills, computer skills, crafts & hobbies, general education, homeschooling, personal development, teacher resources and more.