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Employee of the Month - Minh


Congratulations to the employee of the month – Minh!

Minh's customer service can be considered the Gold Standard. Every patron is greeted with a smile, every patron query is met with a 'we can do that' attitude. He is never too busy to stop what he is doing and assist a patron. Many patrons know Minh by name and specifically request to be helped by him. He builds a personal rapport with all the patrons he works with, and it is reflected in how many of them know him and want to work with him. Circulation questions, tech questions, any question, Minh can help with it, and does so with a smile and a sincere desire to help. His sincerity and deep dedication to helping others shines through in is interactions with the public and have earned him a dedicated fan base among our patrons. 

Just as Minh is never too busy to help a patron, he is never too busy to assist a fellow staff member. Minh is the first to volunteer to take on a task, the first to step up if a staff member needs someone to cover a shift for them, the first to take on a task that he sees needs to be done, but that no one else has noticed yet. Minh's constant good cheer, his joy in helping others, and his ready smile can brighten anyone's day. He is constantly working to keep up staff morale. Minh is an exemplary example of what OCPL hopes for in an employee. 

Prior to the pandemic, Minh was involved in supplying tech help to many of the Seniors at the Garden Grove Senior Center. Minh continues to offer tech assistance to our Seniors, in person at the branch, and over the phone. Minh never shows frustration or impatience with any patron's tech questions or skill level. He works with the patron until they have accomplished what the patron needs. Many patrons needing tech help, ask for Minh specifically.