Employee of the Month - March 2021

EOM March

Every day, Barbara exemplifies OCPL’s vision for open doors, free access, and community, and delivers our mission to empower and enrich our community. There’s good reason patrons ask for Barbara by name. For one, Barbara has made a point of knowing their names. Barbara does everything in her power to make our community members feel welcome when they visit or contact the library.

Barbara is a valued member of our team. She is well respected and always ready to help her coworkers. She is an excellent teacher and is the ‘go-to’ person when there are circulation issues. 

Barbara is 100% committed to the satisfaction of our patrons, to her job, to the success of our branch and the Library as a whole. She has been making a difference in people’s lives for last 20 years and is a dedicated loyal employee worthy of being recognized for her efforts.