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Employee of the Month - Kayla

EOM Kayla

Congratulations to the employee of the month – Kayla!

Kayla was the chair for the Centennial committee, overseeing all the programming and campaigns that celebrated OCPL's 100th anniversary. She organized the committee and guided them in the creation of the 100 Book Challenge, 100 Voices, 100 Books social media campaign, 100 Things posts, scavenger hunts, and the limited edition Centennial Library Card. She also completed the 100 Book Challenge herself! With Kayla's leadership and optimism, the Centennial was a success during a year that was out of the ordinary. Her enthusiasm and passion for this milestone in the library's history made the yearlong observance a smooth process that also brought joy to thousands of library patrons. 

As part of her duties at the branch, Kayla has strong marketing skills. She has created and submitted multiple posts that were shared on social media, including literary tropes for InstaStories and Bookface Friday posts. Kayla is a great proofreader! She is frequently asked to review flyers and documents prior to sending. She has a great eye for detail.  Additionally, Kayla is very data oriented. She takes care of all entering all the MAR (Monthly Activity Report) data as well as the information for the AWE stations. Kayla enjoys statistics and is genuinely interested in data, she is great with Excel and can be counted on to fix excel formula errors. Kayla is Tustin’s go to person for budget tracker help! Kayla is creative and intelligent. She is an avid reader, and she brings her love of reading to collection development.