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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to the employee of the month, Briana!

Briana displays exceptional service to the public by actively listening to patrons’ needs, so she can find the best services and resource for them. She is great at helping patrons with library technology and shows patience no matter their level. She stepped up and took on two book groups from the planning stages through facilitating the meetings. When book groups moved from in person to virtual zoom meetings, she provided exceptional support to the members to make sure they could continue to participate in the monthly meetings.

Briana shows exemplary teamwork and collaboration with colleagues through her willingness to always pitch in where needed and share her knowledge with other staff members. She is great with technology and steps up to help other staff learn new processes. One of our branch librarians said this about Briana's exemplary teamwork, "Briana was very helpful in my transition into an adult librarian. She helped me with book group and showed me how to conduct it and what to do and everything behind the scenes of it."

She has shown innovation and creativity in many areas from finding the best way to offer hybrid book groups to frequently reassessing the branch displays and flyers to ensure they are engaging and relevant to our patrons and highlight all of the great programs and services the system offers. Finally, she has used her creativity and innovation to make instructional aids for staff that are accurate and appealing to learn from.

Briana’s coworkers say she takes initiative and does a lot of extra work without seeking credit for it. She is quick to help without hesitation and shares her library related knowledge with others.