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Team USA, The United States Olympic Committee  is the homepage of the United States Olympic Committee and includes information on all of the Olympic sports, players, the Olympic Games, as well as links to individual sport pages such as USA Soccer, USA Swimming, and many more.  Each page on an individual sport includes videos and pictures.  Appropriate for 3rd grade and above

Ipl2 Kidspace aggregates a wide scope of informational websites recommended by librarians.  The Kidspace page includes categories for users to browse including ‘sports and recreation.’ Users can also type in the name of a sport, player, or a keyword such as ‘Superbowl’ to retrieve a kid-friendly list of relevant websites.  For 3rd grade and above.  Children younger than 3rd grade may need assistance navigating the site. 

PBS Kids World Sports  includes a comprehensive list of sports along with basic information about each sport.  Children can also find short commentaries from athletes their own age.   The website includes online games related to sports, an e-card generator, and a section for parents and teachers.  For 2nd grade and above. Children may need assistance with sport specific vocabulary.