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Employee of the Month - April 2021


Announcing the April Employee of the Month – Savannah!

Savannah always looks for ways to better serve library patrons, whether it’s creating book bundles, moving or shifting furniture, coming up with better workflows, she is constantly thinking and working hard to make sure each patron leaves happy. Savannah knows our collections very well and is comfortable making recommendations to patrons of all ages. She keeps up on any new database or service we’re offering so she can offer patrons assistance. Through this last year, she has kept in contact with our teen volunteers and TAB group, keeping them informed and offering support, so now that she is launching her virtual book group, she already has participants.

Savannah is Co-Chair of the Virtual Storytime Committee, not only creating videos and performing Zoom Storytimes, but she provides feedback and editing tips to committee members. She keeps the members up-to-date on publisher rights and has helped to streamline the video submissions workflow. Savannah is natural and engaging in front of the camera and her Zoom storytimes are always filled with smiling and happy kids. She is also collaborating with Laguna Beach for the “Galaxy to Earth” grant by filming a storytime about the sun and moon and teaching kids about different kinds of eclipses.

Savannah is also a member of the Social Media Committee, actively participating and sending content to Community Relations. Lately, we’ve enjoyed taking several Book Face Friday photos and creating book poetry. She also makes sure we take our library card with us on vacation for Traveling Library Card posts. But within the branch, she has established herself as knowledgeable in all areas and always lending a hand and training staff on policies and procedures.