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News ImageSeptember 13, 2016  Eco Challenge Poster Contest Winners Show Others the Way to Recycle

Five young Orange County artists celebrated their selection as Eco Challenge Poster Contest winners on Friday, September 9, 2016 in a pre-game ceremony at Angel Stadium. This year’s theme, “Batting for a Green Planet,” focused on ways to keep green waste and food waste out of landfills, and how to recycle or reuse it in ways that benefit communities and the environment.

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News ImageAugust 29, 2016  New Notification SystemSometimes when things go wrong it shows where things go right. On Sunday night, August 28, 2016, OC Waste & Recycling received reports of a loud noise coming from the Prima Deshecha Landfill in San Juan Capistrano. Thanks to a new notification system recently put in place, several landfill staff members received the email from a nearby resident informing them of a loud popping noise that appeared to be coming from the landfill.
News ImageAugust 16, 2016  La Pata Gap Project Opens the Road to More Convenient Waste ManagementAugust 13, 2016 – Not only does the completion of the historic La Pata Road gap project bring traffic relief to inland South Orange County, it also makes disposal of hazardous household items and bulky waste even easier for area residents.
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