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Special Projects

The Special Projects Division provides administrative support for the Construction Management Division and Materials Laboratory, manages the quality of roadway surfaces in unincorporated county areas through the Pavement Management Systems, and delivers County road and flood control maintenance projects through the Job Order Contracting (JOC) Program. 


Contract Administration maintains the official construction management project files, provides quality assurance of Contract Change Orders and ensures the accuracy of progress and final payment requests.

Contract Administration duties include:

  • Review capital improvement special provisions for contract administration related specifications.
  • Attend bid openings, perform review of bid documents for accuracy and completeness; forward results of review to awarding section, and check references and report findings to awarding section.
  • Process the construction agreement, necessary bonds and insurance certificates for review and acceptance by various county departments, and prepare Notice to Proceed letter.
  • Set up the progress payment file for each capital improvement project, oversee the contract file, review of progress payments, and perform review and processing of Contract Change Orders (CCO).
  • Process Notice of Completion, close out and archive the contract file.


Contract Management Support is a multifaceted group that provides management Architect/Engineer (A/E) professional services contracts for construction management and inspection services and NPDES oversight and reporting on capital improvement and JOC contracting projects.

Contract Management Support duties include:

  • Administering A/E professional services contracts for construction engineering and field inspection services, materials testing and geotechnical investigations.
  • Providing NPDES inspection of capital improvement and JOC projects for compliance with the State General Construction and MS4 permits, and compiling data and submitting periodic and annual permit reports as required.
  • Managing the independent quality assurance program for the Materials Laboratory.
  • Processing Agenda Staff Reports for Board of Supervisors approval of consulting contracts and JOC support services.
  • Providing contract administration for JOC Task Orders including maintenance of the task order files and ensuring prompt processing of approved invoices.


Engineering Support provides engineering support for the JOC Program and administers the Pavement Management System for county roads.  Engineering Support also provides engineering expertise during the development phase of a JOC project and construction engineering as the Resident Engineer for JOC projects.

For the development phase of a JOC project Engineering Support duties include:

  • Evaluating scopes of work from an engineering perspective including constructability issues.
  • Performing field reviews of JOC projects with the JOC contractor.
  • Evaluating the accuracy of construction quantities.
  • Recommending approval of JOC Projects to Board of Supervisors for projects as required under state codes, county ordinances and/or policy.

During construction phase of the JOC Project Engineering Support:

  • Serves as the Resident Engineer during the construction phase of JOC projects including the following duties:
    • Answers Request for Information (RFI).
    • Confirms work completed and recommends approval for payment of progress payments or final payments.

The duties of Engineering Support for Pavement Management System include:

  • Conducting field assessments of the existing roadway pavement, analyzing the survey results and prioritizing maintenance for each road based on the pavement condition index (PCI).
  • Preparing plans and special provisions for asphalt overlay, slurry seal and crack seal projects that will be constructed by a JOC contractor. 
  • Annually updating County Road Index and traffic sign inventory with information on maintenance activity.
  • Publishing the necessary reports to state and local funding agencies such as Caltrans and Orange County Transportation Agency (OCTA).


Job Order Contracting (JOC) Development and Inspection manages delivery of road, drainage and flood control maintenance projects using the Job Order Contracting (JOC) method.  Job Order Contracting is a unique indefinite quantity type of contract that enables OC Public Works to deliver a large number of repair, maintenance and construction projects under a single, competitively bid contract.

The JOC Coordinator duties include:

  • Reviewing the client’s initial work request or scope of work.
  • Coordinating with JOC development staff to refine scope of work which includes a field meeting with the client as needed, field meeting with the JOC contractor, and development of the scope of work using the eGordian software.
  • Scheduling inspectors for each JOC project, and supervising and advising inspectors on construction related situations.
  • Coordinating with the JOC Engineering Support Section on engineering submittals, Request for Information (RFI) for JOC projects, and engineering and pavement management system issues.
  • Ensuring the necessary field and inspection documents are filed at the completion of each project.