Hazardous Material Disclosure / Business Emergency Plan

How do I prepare for an APST CUPA Inspection?

CUPA will conduct inspections of the aboveground petroleum storage tank facilities to verify compliance with the Act. Specialists in this program will verify that each aboveground petroleum storage tank facility has submitted the tank facility statement, the SPCC Plan is fully implemented and on site at the facility (if applicable), periodic inspections are conducted, the training is completed, and spill or release has been properly reported. OC CUPA inspections will be conducted according to the schedule as described below:

Tank Facility Storage Capacity CUPA Inspection Frequency
Equal to or greater than 10,000 gallons Triennial
1,320 gallons to 9,999 gallons To Be Determined
Special APST Tank Facility
(Farm, Nursery, Logging Site, or Construction Site)
To Be Determined
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