Hazardous Material Disclosure / Business Emergency Plan

Summary of APST Program Requirements
Tank Facility Storage Capacity Equal to or greater than 10,000 gallons 1,320 gallons to 9,999 gallons Special APST Tank Facility (Farm, Nursery, Logging Site, or Construction Site)
Each tank less than 20,000 gallons and total less than 100,000 gallons Any tank equal to or greater than 20,000 gallons or total equal to or greater than 100,000 gallons
Tank Facility Statement Submittal Annual Once Annual Annual
SPCC Plan Yes Yes No* Yes
Periodic Visual Inspections Yes Yes Yes (Daily) Yes
Report Spill or Unauthorized Release Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
CUPA Inspection Frequency Triennial TBD** TBD** TBD**
*Specific Requirements Apply:
1) Must conduct daily visual inspections; AND
2) Install secondary containment system as needed
**TBD = To Be Determined
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